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Real estate professionals find more information and identify more opportunities to list and sell real estate using Realty Resource. Increase your sales potential by using all of the neighborhoods in your farm area to generate leads. Let everyone know they can take advantage of your success in listing and selling properties in their neighborhoods.

With Realty Resource you can:

  • Create a sales network by using several neighbor search options.
  • Locate prospects on the street your listing is located; within a radius of your listing; or by plotting specific points on a map.
  • Identify homeowners within your market areas.
  • Find out the names and phone numbers of people selling their own homes or names and addresses from phone numbers found in the weekend classifieds.
  • Learn more about the homeowners you have identified as good prospects.
  • Create mailing lists and labels to communicate with the homeowners in your farm area.

All done from the convenience of your desktop!


With over 350 markets available, we have the right tools for you to succeed!


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