Mail Piece Design Review 

 The US Postal Service USPS has very strict mail piece design rules to ensure that mail pieces presented for postal discounts will process through their equipment with the least amount of jambs and read errors. Mistakes in your mailpiece design can literally cost you thousands of dollars in increased postage and delays in processing at the plants. Without fail every month someone brings us their printed mail piece and it is folded wrong or doesn't have enough room in the address block for the Intelligent Mail Bar-code (IMB). Bresser's can review your design to ensure it receives the best automated postal discounts.

This is a Free, No-Obligation design review of your mail piece

If you would like to have your mail piece reviewed by one of our design experts, simply e-mail a low-resolution .pdf of your mail piece to


Please include the following information.

Subject Line:  Mail piece design review "you company name"




Dimensions: H” x W” the final folded size if it is a self-mailer

Postage: First Class or Standard Presort

Quantity: to be printed

Note max file size is 20 megs 


Over the years we have saved our clients a ridiculous amount time & money just by review their creative prior to going to print.


We will view your mail piece for design flaws and report back to you as soon as possible.

We will not share any designs we review or share any of your contact information with a third party.


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