Real Estate & Mortgage Marketing Tools

Real estate agents are long-time users of the Bresser Cross-Index Directories and our largest industry segment. Mortgage companies have also used our products for years to identify new prospects.

Our directory products include cross-reference listings of names, phone numbers and addresses for residential and business addresses.

  • With Realty Resource Online make the whole neighborhood your sales network!
  • Find out the names and phone numbers of FSBO's.
  • Export information from Realty Resource Online to create labels for your just listed/just sold and farm area mailings.
  • Market to renters, first time home buyers


Our mortgage and property databases help mortgage companies target new customers for refinancing opportunities.

  • Mortgage brokers use our list services to:
    • Select prospects by mortgage rate type - variable vs. fixed rates - and when their adjustable loans will change rates.
    • Target homeowners by a modeled credit statistic that indicates creditworthiness.
    • Target first time home buyers
  • They also use our In Your Neighborhood Online to find homeowners by neighborhood or age.

Turnkey Print & Mail Solutions Available


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