Data Management Services

Our data management services can add more value to your existing lists than you may have thought possible!

Would having a better understanding of your existing customer base help your company reach its goals? Would you company reduce losses from inaccurate or incomplete information?


Gain a better understanding of who your customers are and what they look like - age, income, employee size, etc. - so you can target your prospects more effectively. Don't spend money on marketing to prospects that either won't buy your products or are no longer at the address in your list. On average, 25% of people move from year to year. Save money by not mailing to those people!


Our data management solutions can help your business by:

  • Updating your customers' addresses and telephone numbers to ensure you contact them.
  • Improve deliverability of your mailings by running your list through the National Change of Address (NCOA) and delivery point validation processes.
  • Stay in compliance with state and federal telephone solicitation laws, by scrubbing your telemarketing lists against the do not call lists.

Most of these can be done very inexpensively, but the savings can be significant!


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