Bresser's is a Full-Service Certified Mail Service Provider (MSP)

Bresser's has been certified by the United States Postal Service to be a Full-Service Certified Mail Service Provider. At this time Bresser's is one of only 124 companies qualified as a Full Service Certified Mail Service Providers MSP nationwide. In order to qualify for this certification, our presorted full-service mailings were analyzed by the USPS to ensure that the mail we prepare meets all full-service requirements. The Full-Service Certified MSP status also allows us to take advantage of the USPS Mail Anywhere Program


The USPS Mailing Audit took a historic 90 day look at all of our mailings for the following requirements:
90% or greater entry Full Services Mailings
NCOA compliance
Unique Intelligent Mail barcode (IMb) to each postcard, letter, and flat
Unique Intelligent Mail tray barcode (IMtb) to trays and sacks
Unique Intelligent Mail container barcode (IMcb) to placards for containers (i.e. pallets) when required
Unique Intelligent Mail barcode (IMb) to each postcard, letter, and flat

By/Fore Erros
E-Doc mailers must submit mailing information electronically


We are here to help simplify your next direct mail campaign


Our services include:
Mailing Services
Print Brokering
Presort and Commingle Letter and Flats
List Acquisitions
Data Enhancement:
Phone Append
Email Append
Cell Append
Geo Coding for mapping


Quality Direct Mail Production with Fast Turn-Around Times

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