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The Strange Brew of Curious Political Data

Does Data Linking Voters and Wacky Consumer Preferences Help Political Campaigns?

By Kate Kaye. Published on January 26, 2016

Credit: Neustar


It happens every election season: A flood of eye-catching data points turn up in political stories about voters. More Democrats like salsa music and drink Cognac. Abortion opponents are more likely to eat candy. People in red states spend more of their budgets on entertainment and sports equipment.

Today, data services firm Neustar unveiled a collection of unexpected stats related to voter preferences that would seem to have no connection to political issues. Democrats are 118% more likely to listen to salsa and meringue music and 70% more likely to drink Cognac. Republicans are 42% more likely to own at least one dog and 32% more likely to drink microbrew brands of beer.


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