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Grow your business with the marketing power of comprehensive online directory products.

Bresser's Information Services offers data that businesses need for smart, cost-effective prospecting. Maximize your sales leads with household and property directories available at the convenience of your desktop.



Bresser's Online Directories offer you unlimited access to: 

  • Access telephone and address information for your market area.
  • Select key characteristics - location, neighbors, demographics - to find people and search for new customers.
  • Identify homeowners by the month they purchased their homes.
  • Map your customer locations to create delivery routes.
  • Federal Do Not Call Scrubbing, in real time.

Put the online directory to work for you. Export contacts for direct-mail postcards, personalized mailers, telemarketing lists, and email blasts.  Get the most bang for your buck with Bresser's industry-specific online search packages: X-Dates Online for insurance agents; Realty Resource for realtors; and In Your Neighborhood for home improvement contractors.

Insurance - Build your book of business

X-Dates Online is the only prospecting tool that insurance agents need. Save time and money by targeting homeowners who are in the market for vehicle and homeowner's insurance. X-Dates Online lets you identify a home's purchase date, which typically corresponds with the expiration date of a homeowner's insurance policy. You can also identify households with more than one vehicle -- prime candidates for multi-vehicle discounts.
X-Dates Online provides detailed homeowner data including:

• Estimated home value
• Purchase date
• Selling price
• Vehicle ownership
• Cell Phones & Email Addresses


Real Estate - More listings more closings
Realty Resource Online empowers you to find buyers and sellers in your market area. The directory makes it easy to market to renters, For Sale by Owner, neighbors of your just-listed or just-sold properties, and real estate prospects who fit specific demographics.

• Estimated home value
• Purchase date
• Selling price
• Cell Phones & Email Addresses


Home Services - Quote & Sells more projects
Home improvement contractors can land more jobs with Bresser's In Your Neighborhood Search. This online directory helps you develop a sales network in the neighborhoods where you work. Pick up new clients by marketing to the neighbors of your best customers.

• Estimated home value
• Purchase date
• Selling price
• Cell Phones & Email Addresses


Now available in over 350 markets throughout the United States.


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