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Online Directories

We've taken the directory and CD-ROM information you have trusted for over 60 years and put it online!

Bresser's Online Directories* gives you the same type of access to information as our Criss+Cross Plus® CD-ROM and Criss+Cross Directories. You can search by name, address, phone number and many other ways, plus the information is updated much more frequently!

With the Bresser's Online Directory, you will be able to:

  • Access telephone and address information for your market area.
  • Select key characteristics - location, neighbors, demographics - to find people and search for new customers.
  • Identify homeowners by the month they purchased their homes.
  • Map your customer locations to create delivery routes.
  • Verify phone numbers against the federal do not call list, in real time.

With our industry-specific online search packages, we can provide your business with access to the people most likely to buy from you! These specialty searches will help you better target your prospects, to make more sales and more money!

Our specialty search packages include:

Now available in over 250 markets throughout the United States.

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